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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Let's RodEo!


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Rugged yet subtle, this bag is definitely the best blend of practicality and uniqueness! myRunwaY's best selling item!

Usual Price : $22 Mailed (Includes Local Normal Postage)

Mailee Price : $20.90 Mailed (Includes Local Normal Postage)

--- Model dJ is 1.55m and a size 6/8. . ---


Catwalked at:
---11:51 PM---


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Certified Fashionista

Registered in Singapore 53109422K

myRunwaY was established by
creative designer dj, model
Katie and big boss Ashton
in Dec 2007.

myRunwaY aims to deliver
dthe best deals of style,
fashion, price and quality!

Do support us! Thank you!

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1) Model Katie: 1.68m, size 8/M.
2) Model dJ: 1.55m, size 6/S.

3) Prices stated are inclusive of normal local postage. ^^V
However, registered mail at an additional $2.24 is strongly recommended.

***myRunwaY will not be held responsible for lost mail via normal postage, so do opt for registered mail!***

4) We accept POSB/DBS Bank ATM Transfers / I-Banking.

5) Prices are Non-Negotiable and items sold are Non-Refundable.

6) Due to limited stocks, items are allocated on a first-paid basis.

7) myRunwaY reserves copyright of the pictures and only clients of myRunwaY with previous purchases are permitted to use the pictures for resale of items, NOT for profit.
Kindly credit us if our pictures are used! 10q!



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